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Julie Showich Lundgren

PsyD, leg psykolog

Member, Sveriges Psykologförbund, Psykologföretagarna

Languages: English, Swedish

Tel. 0736 97 40 96

I am originally from Michigan, USA where I received my Master’s degree in 1995 and my Doctoral degree in clinical psychology in 1998. Since moving to Sweden in 2006 I have become fluent in Swedish and licensed to practice psychology here.  In addition to my private practice, I am employed by the Swedish health care section for pediatric medicine where I am involved with development and implementation, and training and supervision of the parent support model Family Check-up. In Sweden, I have previously worked as a school psychologist and at children’s Habilitering. I have competence in both psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapies. I also offer supervision of mental health care professionals.

In my private practice I work primarily with English speaking clients, offering individual and couples therapy. Much of my work revolves around coping with life in a new culture and the crisis that can trigger for both the individual and for relationships.  Throughout the process of therapy it often comes to light that what appears to be an external conflict between the person and the culture has deeper meanings related to struggles within the individual that have been under the surface previously. I have written a series of articles about starting a new life abroad which you can read at

I am also a trained child and adolescent therapist, as well as in child treatment via the parent, a method of working therapeutically with adults as parents.  As a child psychologist, I have expertise in the areas of trauma, foster care and adoption, cognitive differences (mental retardation and giftedness), adolescent depression and autism spectrum disorders.  In parent work I emphasize exploration and resolution of the adult parent's own experiences of childhood trauma and conflict in order to free up psychological resources for the task of parenting his or her own child.

Psychotherapy is a process of self-discovery. I believe that psychological struggles have partly to do with the here-and-now realities of life, and party to do with pattern of thinking and behavior with origins in the past. I see therapy as a collaborative process in which we work together to gain insight into and eventually resolve conflicts from the past, while at the same time building new coping strategies and supporting forward movement and change.  I adhere strictly to professional codes of ethics and confidentiality, and maintain professional boundaries while at the same time offering a genuine interaction with my clients. Click here to view my CV. Visit my homepage